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Here is my selection and liking from this season Affordable Art Fair.


Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain is of a generation of artist that seek to examine the experience of life in modern day Cuba. His work revolves around the idea that all reality is entirely subjective, that an event or experience of a place changes as soon as it is interpreted or told to another.



Eco Kaaij – The face of a woman shows rejection the feel that she is pushed against the wall. This moment she feels helpless but her youth will help her to bounce back. #sadness


The sadness of Pearl Harbor goes a long way for some. For some it is crossed off from memory. #memory


The curious look on the two women’s face are intensely looking at you. They are searching and observing. This Artwork was sold at the very first evening. #fashion


The colors and textures were intriguing. #textures


Helen Shulman – “When I start a painting it is my job to create and understructure, that is stable enough to sustain subsequent layers”.  I loved the texture and colors. #earthy


Lori Katz – “I am intrigued by contrast, the play of dark agains light, the placement of line and shape, the use of subtle texture” – She had a successful show; in half an hour while I was away and came back, her wall was almost empty.



Casper Faassen – Faassen’s work is a modern exploration of traditional beauty, including its vanity. She is represented in a continuous change.  Women appear to be linked and reminiscent of the Madonnas of the Middle Ages. #backgroundtexture


Mauricio Ramirez – “My work is contemplation on copying and a compilation of the forgotten lives of signs  from graffiti culture with sublime colors, familiar figures, and satisfying straight lines”


Jemmiro – Johannesburg South Africa – represented by Vula Amehlo



Looking for an answer of What I am? #answer #looking



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