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Margit picks from the Affordable At Fair – September 25 – 29,  2014

The Tunnel – 269 11th Avenue New York City – What an exciting place to show the variety of art works by different artists who all have their our viewpoint on how to make their customers upbeat about their purchases. Purchases were going on and on. It was so good to see the success of the Affordable Art Fair.

Denitza - Past




Danitza – “Cities as complex incubators, images of poor neighborhoods, ruined houses, graffiti and wires coming out of them and the space between that world of corporate, shinny glass and metal modern architecture”


Amy Genser





Elisa Contemporary Art has partnered with New York Design Center and transFORM Gallery to present Rock, Paper, Scissors.

This innovative mixed media exhibit features artists who use Paper and Rocks and together with scissor, other tools and great imagination to create stunning, impactful works of art

New York Design Center – 200 Lexington Avenue, Ground floor Cafe and transFORM Gallery.

Daniel Diaz-tai3


Daniel Diaz-tai born in Venezuela. Represented by Cancio Contemporary. The work is done primary in black and white brush strokes and offered framed and unframed.

It was fun to watch dedicated followers pick through the selections and happily walk away with their choices.

Justin Weeks

I try not to imitate anything but aim for the paintings to exist naturally by letting the process lead. Whilst becoming immersed in the act of picture making and switching off the controlling mind a subconscious force takes over. Images emerge that resemble weather worn surfaces, stormy imaginary terrains and objects suspended in ambiguous atmospheres. For me it is all about the incidents and painterly discoveries I make along the way. An excavation reveals the initial bones of the painting to the final brushstroke that is synchronised with the head and the heart when it all falls into place. – Justin Weeks Image from



David Adams

DAVID ADAMS – Using house paint abandoned at construction sites, Adams spins paint from punctured cans hung from specially constructed tripods above found tarps and other reclaimed materials.

Ian Busher


Ian Busher I chasing you home “I seek to examine and showcase the beauty in destruction and neglect; leading viewers to be drawn into what they may have previously walked right past. Faces, landscapes and countless other objects and scenes can be interpreted in the cracks, stains and paints that make up the image.” Represented by Louise Lipman at


Claude Roegiers


Claude Roegiers  – Traveling Still series uses past and present images, mainly from Asia, to reveal a distant world, a place on the other side of “warp and weft”. Most of the scenes are of everyday life: people walking, working, talking…, but the use of white oil paint creates a sense of quiet nostalgia or poetry. 


Beverly Rouwen


Inspired by nature and in particular woods, I let my mind wander. A wood is the keeper of secrets where affairs have been started, relationships ended and the gossip rife. Yet, about you there is beauty, serenity and quiet. A facade. I love this paradox. When I walk through a wood my mind is opened and there is focus, intimacy and I really think. It is my place for healing and my place for ideas. Through my paintings I interpret images seen and moments felt recalling conversations, situations and feelings experienced on a walk. I play with mood and emotion, striving for a balance. I love to feel the paint and canvas with my hands – scratching and making marks, giving texture and life to a painting. I paint my walks on canvas and each piece of work is a difference experience. – Beverly Rouwen.

Observing art is the most rewarding experience. Photographers, trend reporters, colorist, and web designers learn from it, art consultants recommend it, collectors  purchase it and all mankind enjoy it. I as a future photographer learned composition, as a colorist  realized different color combinations,  as a reporter learned the trends,  and as an art lover enjoyed it.

Margit/Color/Trend Consultancy –

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