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I visited the Affordable Art Fair from April 2 to 6, 2014.

It was  interesting to see many talented artist, presenting their creations through the well-known galleries from all over the world.  I have seen Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art, visited the Project Space where professional artists are provided the opportunity to develop and exhibit their work in New York City, found information on UGALLERY online gallery specializing  in curated original art for sale from the world’s most talented  mid-career and emerging artist, Antoine Rose  photography  taken from “up in the air” at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery Inc., Carole Roche the Australian artist who is not afraid to “Flame Tree”, showing Bushfire on Moreton Island” and let us feel the famous “great barrier reef” all in vivid, bright colors in big snatches of red, yellow and blue


Kim, Hyun Soon – Persimmon. Represented by Gallery Tableau



Anja Van Herle




David Hinchliffe

A journey in oils and canvas around some of the world’s most popular destinations.




Victoria Kovalenchikova – In art history and contemporary art painting it is frequently viewed as a medium of  story telling. Consequently, she often use historical settings as she wants to give the viewer a definite sense of place.Her paintings are not frozen images taken from real-time.




Krispen Spences – places color front and center in her dynamic works. She uses a technique of pouring fluid acrylics to her paintings. Her staccato style illustrates the pulse of eternity  the inception of a storm, the budding of a flower, or a genesis of a





Jean Fracois Debongnie – Belgian artist Jean-François Debongnie is a self-taught artist who works exclusively in water-based acrylic and Chinese ink. He was born in Brussels in 1968, but travelled to Asia in 1989, where he fell in love with Eastern cultural and aesthetic traditions. Since then, his paintings have explored visual representations of navigation between the West where he was born and the East he called home for over two decades. Debongnie’s work has been featured in Vogue Living and Elle Decor.


IMG_3744Murielle Vanhove – is a graduate from the renewed school of Penninghen (ParisESAG 1987). An artist who paints today’s life scenes with its fleeting moments. Murielle Vanhove is exhibited in France, Begium, the UK and the USA.

I seriously played with the idea of buying this art piece. i measured my wall, found a great place for it and I dreamed that I have it. Unfortunately somebody else loved it and purchased it.



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