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“There are more than 600 galleries in the Chelsea area. As always I picked a series of exhibitions that will focus on contemporary photo-based work and spark our conversation about photography. ” – Claudia Schellenberg

Julie Saul GalleryMorton Bartlett known primarily for sculptures and photographs of dolls created between 1935 and 1950. The exhibition traces the evolution from his photographs of children to those of the dolls. His cultural and photographic depictions of dolls, reading, crying and licking their lips have equivalents in photographs of real-life subjects engaged in identical activities.

Morton Bartlett

Morton Bartlett2


Martha Wilson – has created conceptual based performances, videos, and photo/text compositions that grapple with constructions and manifestations of feminism, identity, and the way we construct and present ourselves. Her working attitude has evolved from what she describes as “the concerns of a young woman to having fun with being an old lady”and sees her turning an eye to the way which the public gaze projects social values onto women as they grow older.

Martha Wison

Yancey Richardson Gallery

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, a debut exhibition self portraits by the South African Artist

The artist  found props and simple equipment to rethink the culture of a selfie and the concepts of self-representation and self definition as evidence in these portrayals of her mood at the time each image was made. A number of photographs are processed and printed to emphasize the blackness of the artist’s skin. “By exaggerating the darkness of my skin tone, I’m reclaiming my blackness, which I feel is continuously performed by the privileged other” – Zanele Muholi

Somnyama Ngonyama

Somnyama Ngonyama2

Bruce Silverstein – Brea Souders Hole in the Curtain

Souders creates her latest works with bleach, photographic chemistry and watercolor using unexposed film emulsion as  substrate. The bleach and chemistry rapidly degrade the film, and are thus a purposeful incubator of chance occurrences – fissures in emulsion, selective lightening, bored holes, color shifts, and breached borders.

Brea Souders

Brea Sauders2

Andrea Meislin Gallery – Ilit Azoulay

Azoulay traveled around Germany collecting   and photographing objects and architectural fragments. Some structures were undergoing restoration; others has been reconstructed precisely,brick by brick following Germany’s restoration law. She researched each fragment she photographed. Combining her lexicon of collected images she created an open-ended narrative that the viewer is invited to complete.

Ilit Azoulay

Rossi Milo GalleryRag Face, an exhibition of sewn photographs by Korean artist Yoon Ji Seon

Rag Face made by sticking photographs with a sewing machine. Facial expression of the artist is self-photographed and sew over of colorful treads, building textures and tonal effects. The “digital” mode is taken by photography and the “analog emotion felt from sewing. The three dimensional objects blur distinctions between photography, sculpture, painting and craftwork.

Rag Face also confronts controversial issues as the status of women in Korean culture and the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery among its youth.

Yoon Ji Seon

Yoon Ji Seon2

P A C ERobert RauschenbergAnagrams, Arcadian Retreats, Anagrams (A Pun)                                    

These works were created the beginning in the mid-1990s, a pivotal period for Rauschenberg as he developed and perfected a powerful new technique combining dye transfer with novel supports including plaster, large-scale  paper and polylaminate panels. His works are ultimately the boundaries between art and life. Water-soluble inkjet dye transfer process gave Rauschenberg the greatest flexibility in the scale of his paintings. The inkjet dye process allows him to produce sheets exclusively from his own photography on an in-studio printer that give him a freer approach to image-making than earlier works which was bound by the limitation of mechanical processes.

Robert Rauschenberg

The Gallery Walk was organized by Barbara Nelson from Professional Women Photographer (PWP) in attendance of its numbers.

As of December 2015 I joined PWP



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