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Daughters of Troy/ The women of Troy production

Created by Kate Goltseva Visual Artist is a reflection of the world itself. Social and emotional role model women play during their life: mother, sister, wife, lover, betrayer, healer, keeper, victim, victor… All characters and labels that are put on once’s face. Time rebels the perspective, words find new forms, mask we wear change the shape.¬†http://www.daughtersoftroyproject.com




Penelope’s Room by Michael Nicholas – Penelope’s Room is a site=specific installation created specifically for the Daughters of Troy Project

For millennia Penelope has been held up (by male writers) as a example of loyalty to her husband Odysseus_ the mirror image of Helen of Troy. But in the recent decade Penelope’s story has been looked at anew through feminist criticism. One of these writers (Patricia Marquardt) presents Penelope as a highly intelligent ab cunning woman who will do whatever it takes to secure her position, and that of her son. While Penelope loves and misses her husband, after 20 years apart, her primary motivation just be self-preservation not merely loyalty, Marquards argues.


Penelope’s Room is part magic, but also an honest attempt to look at Penelope’s story once again, through a 21st-century gaze.



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