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What is influencing prints for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

Everyday objects freely drawn, and doubled producing a distracted vibration. A thick sharp line outlines the flat panels to call attention to colors. Fruits are the new motives.

If you want to create new color combinations, cut out the colors of different fruits, cramp the paper together to create a new texture with unexpected color combinations.


Real flowers are manipulated and painted with faded watercolor tones. Florals are drawn with a fine sensitive line. Curves and straight lines are mixed for a confused effect, backgrounds are darkened, and images are overlaid for a mysterious effect.

Clean and stylized geometry in dark pigments playing funny games with us. The geometrics shapes reveal full consistency of Cubism. Small elements with round shapes are drawn with big felt tips are illustrative.

Opaque shadows create a hint of nostalgia. The colored filtered imprint of a familiar shape barely indicates the outline. Hide -and-seek plays with shadows in tone-on-tone, barely invisible motives, the known and enigmatic shapes. Flowers and foliage are misty, pale and washed out through a cloudy or milky filter.

Imaginary landscapes are drawn with paint. black areas play like shadows to create illusion. Between materials and decoration, shapes are colored to allow the hand strokes to show. The tones are nostalgically faded.

Paradox - scribles    Paradox - b:w checks and srripes    Paradox - paisleys

Paradox  Designs

– Scribles –     checkers and stripes –                     all time favorite paisley

GARREAU-DESIGNS-mailer-pv indigo NYC preview w richard

Garreau Designs –

Fabric directions.

Play tricks – futuristic and poetic spirit playing with light.

White matter –delicate opalescence – Glassy tech – fractal iridescence

Game play – livening up the everyday – super heroes – sweets & candies

Nature interplays – color washed in zig-zag shape – underlined florals – carpet of florals – bush strokes – small and large scribles  – mesh – orderly openwork – invasive flowers – matter of imperfection – hint of rusticity

Colors:  skin stories – white space – watermelon flesh – blue nude – paraffin – Phyto-gold or vegetal – extra sky – ultra sea (turquoise) – silk grass – opal air – detergent green – macrobiotic yellow  (washed out orange) –  chlorine – diet copper – orange XXL – mini pink – mauve – purple excess – seaweed charcoal – talc prune – platinum line  (cement) – pure blood (Pantone Marsala) -blue punch





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