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I sometimes settle a moment there,
And I am so sweet,
That what it lacks of the glad and fair
I fill complete.

Part of Alice Archer Sewall James poem – The Butterfly

One warm late afternoon I decided to walk the High Line. The 14th Street cross-town bus took me to the 14th Street entrance of the High Line. The first thing that caught my eye was the butterfly girl who was letting the butterflies free. I took out my camera I tried to catch the moment of magic but missed the enthusiastic audience and ended up only with the action.


Do you want to set the butterfly free? – Ask the girl with the butterfly wing on her back. And the children around her yelling yes yes…


And she reaches inside the magic nest – lifts a butterfly up and


the butterfly is free again followed by the eyes of a camera men and the observing mothers


the baby and his mother and an older gentleman observing the magic moment of the butterflies flying free.


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