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Report by Patti Carpenter from Maison et Objet                            September 2015

Maison et Objet the biggest trade gathering for Home furnishing retailers, product developers, designers, promoters and media.

69000 visitors attended the September show; 70% retailers and 30%specifiers

The main team was Precious: luxury


Cooling Cobalt – nuances of inky or bright blues are still a favorite.



Fire Orange – orange became brighter by adding red color to the mix

Jade ice – blued green


Blush pinks – women power influenced pinks with added red color

Bees Wax – yellow in pale shades are good colors for the Spring/Summer season, for the fall it turns to a much stronger yellow


Barely Beige

Gold Rush – gold is everywhere in many products.

Silver is continuing but lost its importance for this season.


Perfect pales – retro rainbow – milky mid-tones – nudging toward neon – earth tones – rocks versa stone (pop-up gray mixed with colors)

Black and white – black with white glass – yellow black and white (yellow is the pop color – black with gold


Fantastic flowers – joyous jellyfish – geos a go go – micro patterning – jacquard-it not printed – infusing with quality

Bubbling up – light changes colors



Bamboo – naked leather (gray with leather) – still stones (marble) – porcelain is precious – galvanized (new ways to use humble materials – miles of textiles.


Those are my notes from the presentation what I have seen. The images are my images (Margit Color/Trend consultancy

Listening and seeing the presentation with Patti Carpenter is the key here.

Maison et Objet FW’16 presentation is offered to companies in the following price ranges:

  1. $225.00 per show on flash drive
  2. $250.00 for recorded webinar and flash drive
  3. $600 for a live webinar presentation and flash drive
  4. $1,500.00 for a live presentation and flash drive + Traveling expenses if applicable
  5. Custom presentation – vary by project, starting price $350.00 on flash drive


For additional information please get in touch with


Product development + design + trends

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