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Walking through the Summer Indigo show I have not seen  many new trends but  rather the continuation of the trends in new updated versions. Studios are doing a tremendous job to  create something new and exciting and salable prints every season  by mixing, placing, moving, re-coloring or abstracting familiar objects; big or small flowers, animal skins, fishes or birds, paisley, tropical motives, butterflies, symbols, zebras, giraffes, african and tribal motives.

Some studios who participated in Printsource were either took a chance and signed up to Indigo, some decided to drop the Summer show altogether. or the more adventurous ones jumped to Surtex. Missing the non participating studios from Indigo I decided to report not only what I have seen at the show but  also on studios working on  Spring 2015 trends.

Prints of Orange10 Prints of Orange9 Prints of Orange8 Prints of Orange7 Prints of Orange1

Flowers with lines – mixed with leaves – fading away – playing with stripes – leaves with branches.

Paradox2 Paradox1

Black and white faded or distinguished forms of flowers and different variations of geometric designs  Paradox Design

Longins Phillips Design3

Longina Phillips Design – US Agent Marcie Designs Inc.

Longins Phillips Design1

Longina Phillips Designs – US Agent Marcie Designs Inc.

 Mirjam Rouden                            Mirjam Rouden2

Chaos theory and textural printing                  tropical flowers in the sand

Mirjam Rouden  at

Rosekei5 Rosekei3 Rosekei2

Tropical leaves in orange and red – color spotted geometries – Palm trees in Black and white

Rosekei1 Rosakei4 Rosakai8

Palm leave in red                                        Mosaic                         Broken pieces of glass

Rosakai7 Rosakai6

Paisley in new colors              Animal Skins

ALL NEW print collections by Rosekei & Company, Inc., Eleonora Clerici and New World Designs

02 Gatos3

02Gatos (02Cats) is an inspiration company that produces prints and patterns that blur the boundaries between fashion, art, and technology. They recently moved their studio from Rio to New York


02 Gatos2

02Gatos – playing with lines

02 Gatos1


02Gatos high summer collection.

The macro and emerging trends for prints as we see it:  stylized floral – pastoral scenes over pale ground – paint brush markings – washed watercolors – tie-dye effect – Paisley – animal imaginary – rustic earthy shades – 3D surfaces – textured finishes – micro scale designs – faded out – barely there pattern – dots, spots, chevrons, checks and stripes



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