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At  the Washington Square art show in New York City I have the privilege to meet Jim Somers – the abstract image photographer with an artistic touch and needless to say I fell in love with his work. I am very much interested in creative photography and abstract art. Jim’s art is the combination of the two.

My curiosity rushed me to his website to discover more and more images I would love to recommend to my art loving followers. www.somersphoto.com Take a look at the site and let me know if you share my enthusiasm and help me to promote his work.

Here are my favorites I selected from the galleries of Flower & Botanicals – Winter – Autumn Abstracts – Autumn Details – Autumn Landscapes

Jim Somers

Leaves are gone – summer is over – but the bight colors reminds us that Life is still wonderful!

Trail with leaning tree. Staying close to earth can gives us support when the problems of life waits us down.

Autumn Abstract- Jim Somers

The blue mood is disappearing in the background and the hope of yellow light is slowly emerging on our horizon.

                                                                 Green Around Blue

                                                      Dark Loop – Life is full of ups and downs

Angled white line

Angled white Line -This abstract butterfly is symbolic to represent changes. We are swirling and dancing around life surrounded by exciting colors









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