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Waiting for the 66 crosstown bus to go to Amsterdam Avenue on the West side around 2 this afternoon with many of my follow travelers. First I just waited but than after a while I took out my iPhone and checked where is the bus we are waiting for. Strangely my little bus symbol was right at 68th and 1st Ave where I was standing signaling approaching. Evidently the app was not working, so I waited a lot longer. Finally the bus arrived and when we started to load the bus, the driver made the announcement the park was closed. Total confusion followed this announcement, angry and confused faces made the pure bus driver   agitated. C L O S E D was spelled out while we settled for the sad fact of there is going to be a detour. The detour meant going on Fifth Ave from 66th to 60th Streets in an unbelievable traffic jam.

On the bus1

Best time to ketch up on your sleep. Just relax, it does’ t make any difference in the time

On the bus2

On the bus3

Walking was faster than the speed of the bus

On the bus4

All is quiet around the entrance in the Park. The bookseller has time to chat with his neighbor On the bus5

No vehicle is allowed in the Park today. Central Park is closed.

On the bus6

The Horse does’t understand  what’s going on; his eye covered, he is just relaxing and happy that it is break-time

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