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The FW’15/16 season opened with a diverse interpretation of the new trends at Premiere Vision/Indigo new location at Pier 92 New York City.

We have seen flowers, geometric shapes, 3D stories, black/white indigos, cityscapes, stripes and checks, fishes and birds, waves, herringbones, zig-zag designs, in a new exciting hight tech forms.

The fabric trends

On the Move – nature in the blur.

Red Carpet Blue – Random blue

Citified outdoors – small outdoor items

Double face – Muscular stretch – Tech thinness

Filled in grounds – highlighting the pattern, bringing out the subject, whether narrative, abstract, human, sweet or nostalgic.

X-Rayed nature – like a botanical x-ray, seeing deep into the structure of flowers and leaves, letting light through membranes.

3D Story – decoration through volume, over embroidering to accentuate the motif, infusing prints with textural effects.

Out from the shadow – from the dark background a design pops out.

Playing with layers – merging opposites: positive-negative, shadow and light, layering imprints on top of each other like a veil.

Choosing placements – the objects are placed or scattered around. For the kid’s market simplified shapes and playful subjects are placed or scattered.

Basic Geometry – composing simply, with basic geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles) with crisp and sharp lines.

Design Studios showing:

Poetic Diagrams – Narrative Prospectives – Fantasy stories – X-rayed nature – Collections and multiples – Basic geometry – Movements – Raindrops – Blurry designs – Water reflections with building background – Mimicking hair – Forest background – Nightlife – Light painting.

Rosekei & Company, Inc. email: [email protected] 212-302-3070




Prints of Oranges Group2

Prints of Oranges Group

“02Gatos was born in Barcelona when two cats decided they could fly”

02Gatos is an international creative design studio led by a prolific young couple of that brings innovation, contemporary art and unique personality to projects in fashion design and interior design.






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