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I have been in many gallery opening, and I like to observe the different interpretation of colors and styles that the artists put on the canvas. The Salon: Art + Design www.THESALONNY.COM is different from Galleries and more satisfying because I can discover and report not just on painting, but on sculptures, chairs, lighting fixtures or mirrors. Many  international creators on many levels bring vibrant mixes of approachable materials that can be used in our everyday life.

The success of the show also depends on the quality of galleries who exhibits. There is always the core of galleries showing at the fair but there are always new ones to bring unexpected freshness to the Salon.

So what are the trends that gallery owners believe to move their offerings: Some loves to champion the avant-garde’s of the 1910-1950 era that is overlooked by art history.

The international youthful collectors like to match classical furniture with modern art. Connection of modern furniture to the avant-garde is highly in demand. Art Deco is riding high. Furnitures are functional and at the same time sculptural using natural materials. The industrial era of the 1920s and 30s are important for the American market.  The influences of Gustav Klimt is visible throughout the show. The 1970′ popular African Art is reinvented showing tribal Arts. Mixing different periods are interesting. Arte Povera (poor art) an Italian movement from the late 1960’s and 1970’s in the economic meltdown is newly new again. Traditional everyday materials are used with unconventional process to create artsy objects sounds like the motto of today.











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