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Image 17For the Spring Summer 2015 season print designers take the nostalgic elements of vacation time, the California easy lifestyle, the love of flowers and animals to a modern level of interpretation.

The mixture of the past with the present came alive at the recent print shows PRINTSOURCE and INDIGO from January 13-15 in New York.



Image 3

At Printsource

We have seen traditional flowers from small and ditsy to larger surreal shapes or forms – paisleys in new interpretations – animal and reptile prints in combination with flowers or various animal skins in a multiple paneled print – camouflage recolored in feminine colors.Image 1

Vision of Paradise, the California easygoing lifestyle,

the Aloha moments that brings back the tropical flowers and fruits; the vacation postcards we used to send are at the heart of the prints.

Classic patterns are new again, hand drawn is welcomed, movement of water mysteriously observed, seaweed and algae inspires.

Photo real digital prints are over-scaled; the continent of Africa remains a source of inspiration, whimsical birds and butterflies motivates, appliqued words give us messages, stripes are updated – multicolored and variegated, Contemporary art is the new source of inspiration, space girl chic shows up as modern glamour; tie dye, ombre, and Ikat remains important.


Images from Jane Dixon www.janedixon.com and Davina Nathan Design


At Indigo

We have seen lines and signatures to fabulous messages –blurring the abstract and figurative –silhouettes suggested by the contours of shadows – pattern deliberately positioned and situated on the edges of clothing – geometric hide-and seek –positive/negative opposites – figurative and joyful abstractions – old paintings or romantic and realistic wallpapers, adorned in typography or colorful flowers; bold and bright colors are the pop influences.


A gallery of colorful and precisely sketched animals (cats, dogs, horses) tells fabulous stories – paper cut-out or comic-book style, butterflies and birds are stylishly organized.

Gatherings of plants and animals, people and flowers, feathers and petals; water and neat leaves showing up at many design studios.

An “Arabian Nights” universe faded into the sun, filtered with white, belongs to the relaxation vacation time trends.


Multifaceted reflections showed up at Mirjam Rouden www.mirjamrouden.com

Tom Cody Design  www.tomcodydesign.com

Rowena Bristow  – Printfresh www.printfreshstudio.com

New World Design Studios Inc., and 02 Gatos www.02gatos.com


Blending  watercolors with neat lines – at The Colorfield www.colorfield-design.com

–       Circleline Design Studio Ltd. www.circlelinedesign.com

–        as well as Musticstyle.

Airy Prints at Anona Studio www.anonastudio.com (birds sitting on branches) and Rowena Bristow Studio










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