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There are so many Galleries, Art opening and Art shows taking place all over the world.

I am in a habit of visiting many of them in New York City. What I am looking for is not names, prices or demands, but the newness in the imagination of the artists to show messages with unusual material mixes.


The material, where the painting is printed on gives us a great shine and good reflection and vivid colors.


The way the togetherness is illustrated is amazing. The union is so strong, it would not be separated.


This is they want to do to us? Keep your eye and mouth shout and all will be just fine.


Hands are reaching further and further out in search of finding a simple solution of the world’s problems.


Shredded and destroyed yet there is an exiting newness of creating from it a masterpiece.


Together in fashion, wearing always what the others wear. Fashion follows art.


The material here is drinking in the colors, gives us the illusion of permanency.


Sadness surrounding all human begins after love-making.


Portrait of a memory by Natalia Onset speaks for itself. Do we truly remember our childhood, the faces of old lovers?


Light up the world with matches as large as we are with ideas on how to be safe. Safe from bad elements, close cover to avoid danger.

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